About Me

I have been in the trucking business for 2 years. I never would have thought that after 2 years, I would have the success that I have in this industry. After being turned down for multiple jobs due to having a felony on my record, I started this business out of a necessity. I wanted to be successful, but knew at the time I could only become successful if I started working for myself. After delivering food for Doordash for 4 years, I took a leap of faith and started my box truck business learning from trial and error.

I started with non CDL box trucks because I didn’t want to go to school to obtain a CDL. Also the startup cost for a box truck business was more in my budget. I went from making $9,000 dollars my first six months working with Amazon Relay to grossing between $6,000-$9,000 a week dispatching myself. The knowledge I have gained in this business is invaluable. I have a passion for helping other people like myself, without having to make the mistakes I made along the way. I truly believe everyone should have an equal opportunity at success.

Our past should not influence our future. To be successful you must be patient, sacrifice, put the work in, and trust the process.